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Saints wanted to keep Daniel, but he wanted to start

Posted on: March 14, 2013 at 09:47:08 CT
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Chase Daniel was appreciated by the Saints, and they wanted him to stay. With just having given Drew Brees a 100 million dollar contract, there was no way there was going to be a true competition for the starting QB job.

They also knew that he could command much bigger dollars than he was getting as a newly unrestricted free agent.

Fans seemed to appreciate his professionalism and abilities, and they believe he will start somewhere.

I think this was a super signing. The more I look at it, the more I like the smartness of the new regime for the Chiefs. There really wasn't a home run quarterback available by trade, draft or signing, so they got a solid guy in Smith who was a starter and a great backup who can step in immediately and compete for the starting role.

Add in the home state excitement of a Mizzou grad and this looks more and more like a smart football and PR move.

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Saints wanted to keep Daniel, but he wanted to start - JimD MU - 3/14 09:47:08
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          most sites suggest its a good pickup.. It is only kansas fan - shorty MU - 3/14 17:22:13
          seeing the success of the Seattle guy and knowing Chases arm - tigerinhogtown STL - 3/14 13:33:28
          With injury prone Smith, Im sure we will get to find out - crudup MU - 3/14 11:42:20
          Funny, we never heard that about Cassel not beating Brady - JimD MU - 3/14 10:44:01
               Calling Montana Young's backup isn't really true anyway. - laynejw KC - 3/14 12:01:20
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          wow...it's like they've been TAUGHT how to be myopic(nm) - ZouDave MU - 3/14 10:23:13
               not unlike a certain segment of the Mizzou fan base...(nm) - CalicoTiger MU - 3/14 11:46:46
     Everybody wants to start. The Saints wanted to keep him - ArnoldBabar MU - 3/14 09:57:40
          his window is short - FootballRefugee MU - 3/14 12:06:31
          I'm the last guy to feel sorry for pro athletes, - justwinbaby MU - 3/14 10:57:37
               don't forget the agent's cut - MizzouTRI MU - 3/14 11:31:29
          There are guys who are content in the backup role - JimD MU - 3/14 10:05:43
               "paying him nothing" is totally correct in context of the - mizzou john MU - 3/14 10:13:01
                    A million dollars a year is not nothing - JimD MU - 3/14 10:24:58
                         No one is saying a million dollars is nothing in a vacuum. - mizzou john MU - 3/14 10:27:00
                              Obviously a million dollars buys the same amount of stuff - mizzou john MU - 3/14 10:27:37
               They were, in fact, "paying him nothing" for a backup QB - ArnoldBabar MU - 3/14 10:06:57
                    Okay, but that wasn't the reason he was the backup - JimD MU - 3/14 10:19:45
                         Sure. And if they could have gotten him for same price - mizzou john MU - 3/14 10:30:17
                              Well, if NO offered him EXACT same contract as KC, which - mizzou john MU - 3/14 11:29:27
                              We don't know that Chase would've signed. He wants to start - JimD MU - 3/14 10:48:35
                                   I was talking about NO's perspective. If NO offered same - mizzou john MU - 3/14 11:30:26
     Looking around the league at some of the starters, no - Erwin Fletcher STL - 3/14 09:55:44
          Reid seems to know how to get good performances - JimD MU - 3/14 10:01:41
               I am sure they want Smith to succeed but Chase is a good - Erwin Fletcher STL - 3/14 12:10:07
     What kind of contract does Alex Smith have? (nm) - Alum11 MU - 3/14 09:48:09
          He has two years left on his contract - JimD MU - 3/14 09:52:10

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